Starting in 2019, Disc Golf is a co-ed sport that is a requires no skill to play and is for fun and not highly competitive. Practices are on Monday's and Thursdays and go from April - June. Practices are at the Oshtemo Township park. Equipment needed is Disc Golf discs but if you dont have any we have some for new player to use. $35 per person, includes a uniform and required insurance. You can come and play for fun, but if you want to be on the team, payment is required April 15.


A tournament will be played against local high school teams each Friday in May, and on June 1, the final tournament will be played at all four school courses. I will continue having practices throughout the year, however, they will not be mandatory and are only for those wanting to play for fun. I will resume practices in July and develop the team for the final tournament. On August 17, the Michigan State High School Championship will be played in Holland, MI. This tournament will be an extra $25-$40. IT IS NOT MANDATORY. This tournament, however, will be very difficult competition.

Coaches:  Brad Smith, Ben Moore, Frank Smith

Middle School
High School